Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her?

Will You Still Love Me If I Love Her?

A Poetry Chapbook

A debut collection of queer realisation, self-discovery, and acceptance.




I Do Not Fancy You


and 14 more

February 2019


"Elfie masterfully illustrates the journey that so many queer people experience"

- Small Queer, Big Opinions

"[Elfie] has taken great care to map sexuality onto contemporary societal concerns – allowing readers to sketch their own experiences into the collection in a fluid and gratifying manner."

- Mookychick

reviews on Goodreads

This is a truly outstanding and compelling collection of poetry. Elfie has an incredible way of forming such raw and concise pieces which give the reader a clear glimpse into her soul. This title is a wonderful look into the experiences and struggles of an LGBTQ woman, of which many can relate. A truly beautiful chapbook that leaves the reader yearning for more.

Lenee H., author of Cosmic Phases

A captivating collection of material. Elfie delves into the struggles and revelations on a personal level but also creates a comforting shoulder for the readers that can relate. Each poem wants you to read the next. A truly, inspiring compilation of love, heartbreak and new beginnings making it a thoroughly enjoyable insight into her life.

Ebony Darkins, author of upcoming novel, Jessie

Featuring pieces published in...

Royal Rose Magazine, December 2018

'Attraction' and 'Fraud'

Constellate Literary Journal, Issue 3, January 2019

'TV' *contains homophobia and homophobic slurs

Recorded Readings

Reviews and Features

Small Queer, Big Opinions

March 2019


April 2019

The Poetry Question

May 2019

TPQ5: Juliette Sebock

August 2019

About the author

Elfie is a writer from Derbyshire, England.

Her debut poetry chapbook Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her? was published this year and her second book How Will I Sound When My Voice Returns? is releasing this November.

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